Mr G was working on a construction site when he was instructed to walk on partial dismantled roof. The roof collapsed and Mr G broke his leg and ankle so badly that he could not longer continue in his job.

The employer later said that he had been told not to step on the roof, but Mr G maintained his position.

After many months of careful and tense negotiations a settlement was reached – Mr G received £100,000. In addition we were able to secure treatment, support and training for Mr G meaning that he was able to find alternative employment.


Serious Workplace Accident

Ms H was the victim of serious sexual abuse over many years. Her claim was started elsewhere and she did receive an offer of £6,800. She wasn’t confident that this was enough and came to see one of our specialists. He reviewed her case, requested further evidence and was able to show that it had been seriously undervalued. After a formal case review Ms H received £16,500.

Sexual abuse

Mrs W, was injured in a car crash whilst driving for her employer. She needed to return to work quickly.

We were able to assist her in reaching a settlement and in returning to work without a long delay.

Afterward she wrote to us and said “WR supported me with my claim. The advice was clear, and I was kept informed throughout”.

Clear advice and support throughout