Legs & Knees

Issue                                                                  Min                       Max
Leg Amputations                                          £50,000               £155,000
Severe Leg Injuries                                      £15,250                £74,000
Less Serious Leg Injuries (Up to)         £15,250
Severe Knee Injuries                                   £14,750                 £52,500
Moderate (Up to)                                          £14,750


Issue                                                         Min               Max
Very Severe Brain Damage              £155,000     £220,000
Minor Head Injury                              £1,250          £7,000
Minor Psychiatric Damage            £800            £3,250


Issue                     Min                  Max
Severe                   £12,500          £82,000
Moderate             £4,250           £13,750
Minor                    £750               £4,250


Issue                         Min                  Max
Severe                       £21,500          £93,000
Moderate                £6,750            £21,500
Minor (Up to)        £7,500

Pelvis & Hips

Issue                                                              Min                  Max
Severe                                                            £21,500          £71,500
Moderate                                                      £14,750          £21,500
Injuries of Limited Severity                £6,750            £14,750
Lesser Injuries (Up to)                          £7,000

Shoulders & Arms

Issue                                                                Min                  Max
Severe Shoulder Injuries                      £10,500          £26,500
Serious Shoulder Injuries                   £6,750             £10,500
Moderate Shoulder Injuries                £4,250            £7,000
Minor Shoulder Injuries(Up to)         £4,500
Fracture of Clavicle                                 £2,750            £6,500
Amputation of Both Arms                      £132,500       £165,000
Amputation of One Arm                            £52,500        £75,000
Other Arm Injuries                                    £3,500           £71,500

Elbows & Wrists

Issue                                             Min             Max
Elbow Injuries (Up to)          £30,000
Wrist Injuries (Up to)           £33,000


Issue                                                                                                                               Min                  Max
From loss of both hands to amputation of finger/fingers              £34,000         £110,000
Serious Hand Injuries                                                                                            £8,000           £34,000
Moderate                                                                                                                       £3,500           £7,250
Minor                                                                                                                              £500               £2,250
Injuries to finger/s (Up to)                                                                                 £13,500
Injuries to Thumb (Up to)                                                                                     £30,000


Issue                                  Min                   Max
Severe                                £17,500            £38,000
Moderate (Up to)          £14,750


Issue                                                              Min                       Max
Amputation of both feet                      £93,000               £110,000
Amputation of one foot                       £46,000               £60,000
Severe Injury                                             £13,750                 £60,000
Moderate                                                     £7,500                  £13,750
Modest (Up to)                                          £7,500

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